Bride *
Groom *
Wedding Package *
Bridal Prep Location
Bridal Prep Location
Will Pen be able to get a lift to the ceremony location with you/bridal party? *
Cam normally drops Pen off and then heads on to where the groom is - so she'll be without transport!
Coverage Start Time *
Coverage Start Time
Please indicate the time you would like bridal prep to start bearing in mind that depending on the package, total coverage is 4 or 8 hours, depending on your package. We normally start coverage 2 hours prior to the ceremony time.
Groom Prep Location
Groom Prep Location
Will Groom still be at this location for coverage start time *
Please bear in mind Cam will be dropping Pen off where the bride is first, so do take in any travel time between locations.
Please include a post code.
Ceremony Location *
Ceremony Location
Reception Address (if different from the ceremony)
Reception Address (if different from the ceremony)
e.g. drinks reception, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cut and first dance
Just so we know who to mic up and when!
Will you require extra coverage? *
Coverage is 4 hours for Package One or 8 hours for the Package Two (calculated continuously from the coverage start time)
Please let us know if there are any sensitive family issues we need to be aware of. This is also an opportunity to let us know if there are any particular details that is important for us to be aware of.
Will your caterers be making a provision for us (we're pescatarian)
We generally eat whilst everyone else is eating because no one likes being photographed chomping away! If the caterers aren't able to provide for us, that's fine, but just wanted to let you know we will have to go off site in search of something warm and nourishing.
Do you have a photographer? *